Friday, November 16th, 2007
Donate to Schools & Receive a
Tax Credit of up to $400
From the State of Arizona!


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Since 1998, every person who files an income tax return with the State of Arizona has had the opportunity to receive a tax credit for contributing to extracurricular activities! The maximum tax credit amount available in 2007 is $200 if you're single or $400 if you're married (see ARS §43-1089.01 for complete information).

For each dollar donated, you receive a matching tax credit (up to the maximum allowed)! So, if you donate $100, you receive a $100 tax credit. If you donate $200, you receive a $200 tax credit. Based on how you file your taxes the maximum tax credit amount available is as follows:

Married filing Joint $400
Single $200
Head of Household $200
Married filing Sep $200

Why Donate?

There are several reasons why people just like you decide to donate to schools across the state to  help fund extracurricular activities.  Among them are:

    1. They know their contributions go directly to the school(s).  Not a single penny is kept at the district level, nor is anything set aside for administrative purposes!
    2. They realize that per pupil funding in Arizona is among the lowest in the country.
    3. They understand that students' educational experiences will be enriched because of these contributions.
    4. They want to receive a tax credit from the State of Arizona when they file their state income tax returns.

Who Can Donate?

Anyone can! It doesn't matter if you have children or not, nor does it matter if your children are school-aged or adults. And even if your children are enrolled in school, you can donate to a different school!

How Can You Donate?

There are two options, and both of them are very simple:

1. Mail or deliver your check to the school of your choice. If you want your donation to go to the area of greatest need within the school, that's great! But, you may specify that it go to a specific program, such as field trips, fine arts, or athletics. And, if you'd like to split your donation between these programs, you can do that, too!

2. Mail or deliver your check to the district office. You may specify the school you would like to benefit from your donation, or that school can be selected for you. And, just like with the first option, you can also specify the program if you so choose

When Can You Donate?

Donations are welcomed throughout the year at any time! However, in order to take advantage of the tax credit when you file your 2007 Arizona income tax return, hand-delivered checks or money orders must be received by December 20, 2007 at the Madison School District office at 5601 N. 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85016.  Checks or money orders sent via mail must be postmarked by December 31, 2007.

Keep Your Receipt!

You will receive a tax credit receipt at the time you make your donation if you bring your check to the school or district office, or by January 31, 2008 if you mail it to us. Be sure to keep your receipt(s) for tax purposes.

For more information on these Tax Credits visit the Arizona Department of Revenue's Website.

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