Friday, November 16th, 2007

Teacher Web

Teachers in the Madison School District are using the web-based program, TeacherWeb, to build individual webpages for their classroom. Now in our second year using the program, many teachers are finding this a useful tool to communicate with both parents and their students. Check out the links below.

No.1 Middle School

Camelview Elementary

Simis Elementary  

Rose Lane Elementary

Park Middle School

Meadows Middle School

Heights Elementary


Madison No. 1 Middle School

TeacherWeb Site  

Rita Benson
Karen Campbell

Melany Canter
Lindsay Coffinger
Steve Hagel
Maureen Hainlen
Marianne Hanson
Shannon Holcombe
Marlies Keller
Melany Lange
Rob Lazarus 
Julie Leckman

Kathleen McKee
Ellen Miller

Susan Pace
Daphne Pallas

Nicole Pavone
Lisa Vaale
Laura Venzor
Glynis Watkins
Laura Webb

Madison Camelview Elementary School
TeacherWeb Site

Rebecca Diamond
Nicole Heighway
Renee James
Leah Koch
Kiley O'Melia
Steve Wolf
Jennifer Wurth

Madison Simis Elementary School
TeacherWeb Site
Lynn Altherr
Rita Atkinson
Jennifer Baker
Connie Bellmore
Rosemarie Bildhauer
Linda Boothe
Kristi Branstrom
Barbara Carson
Victoria Coughlin
Alicia Curran
Diane Cyment
Lyn Darwin
Veronica Davis
Ann Finnegan
Karen Franevsky
Kate Gaspar
Debbie Gordon
Susan Groff
Jocelynn Harding
Jennifer Jensen
Paula Jensen,paula
Katie LaBrie
Leta Lemon
Marnel Martin
Rose McCraw
Erica McRae
Chris Merrill
Melissa Pierre
Kristy Slatton
Stephanie Sotomayor
Lisa Spomer
Jake Studebaker
Alison Travland
Cathy Weflen
Barbara Weinmeister
Madison Rose Lane Elementary School
TeacherWeb Site
Lynn Alloway
Shelley Atchison
Lauren Blitzer
Ashley Bohlman
Gail Caretto
Ellen Cassidy
Yvonne Coughlin
Amanda Dahl
Jodie Dominguez
Beth Driscoll
John Enright
Erika Forrester
Jane Haarer
Amanda Halpern
Pam Handley
Richard Hawkins
Joanna Mena
Melissa Mersch
Elizabeth Prince
Michele Rutin
Shari Stagner
Amy Techau
Jessica Thompson
Madison Park Middle School
TeacherWeb Site

Donna Cornelius
Mary Konczal
Venessa LaGesse
Cecelia Moody
Kari Seow
Chris Sheehan
Rhonda Sobon
Liz Yazzie

Madison Meadows Middle School
TeacherWeb Site
Katie Basham
Jill Bentzel
Amy Bondeson
Mary Beth Borkowski
Lili Carrasco
Sharon Childers
Rae Dewberry
Alec Fick
Beverly Giacobbe
Karen Higgs
Barbara James
Nora Johnston
Megan Kottwitz
Kara Largent
Lee Meyer
Paula Schmitt
Judy Stropky
Cheryl Wiens
Madison Heights Elementary School
TeacherWeb Site

Laura Harnish
Grace Klees
Suzie Perry,Suzanne